Crew: A Futuristic Detective Game


A game of 'Clue' on a spaceship


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Crew: A Futuristic Detective Game is a short adventure in the style of 'Clue', in which the players have to figure out who has murdered the captain of a small spaceship. Any of the crewmembers could be the culprit, from the maintenance robot, to the doctor or the pilot.

In addition to trying to find the murderer, you must do it quickly. Every time you speak with a crewmember or search a room, you lose points; it's therefore a good idea not to overuse your detective skills.

Every crewmember will give you a clue to who killed the captain, and in every room you will find a possible murder weapon... or even blood that will give away the scene of the crime. The goal of the game is to discover the murderer, the weapon used, and the crime scene. If you make a mistake, you lose.

Crew: A Futuristic Detective Game is a short but very fun game. Its strong point is the fact that the elements of the game are generated randomly, so each time you play it is a new experience.
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